Bully kutta puppy price

Bully Kutta: Price, Introduction, and characteristics.

Introduction of Bully Kutta

Bully kutta price and other details. Bully kutta was known in Punjab, India as well as In Pakistan is a huge dog breed use for hunting and guarding. They are very challenging to educate dogs and you will have to spend many hours teaching them. Whereas, when you give the training to bully kutta, they can become a good and loyal friend.

Nowadays, you can adopt and buy bully kutta from various kennels in India and Pakistan. But, you should aware of the dog breed and its quality.

Bully kutta price in India

It depends on the breed and quality which you want to buy, Bully kutta price in India. Its starts from 10,000 to 30,000 Indian rupees.

History of bully Dogs

Bully is a notable dog that originated in the Punjab region of Pakistan in the mid-300s B.C. Fighting, hunting, and security dogs were all common uses for this dog breed.


1· Loyalty

Well, everybody knew that dogs are human’s best friends and since ancient times people keep dogs as pets. Bully kutta dog is loyal to their owner

2. Protective

A bully kutta is one of the most defensive canine varieties. They are amazing as gatekeeper dogs for the family

3· Energy.

Bully kutta is a very energetic dog breed

The important thing to note about Pakistani bully kutta dog facts

Bully Dog is a very powerful, energetic, and Heavy size dog

Pakistani Bully kuta

Height: Male: 76 to 108 cm

Female 76 to 91 cm

Weight: Male 75kg to 98kg, Female: 70 to 90kg

Lifespan: 8 to 12 years

Breed type: Giant Dog breed

· Group [of breed]: Bulldog, Guard dog, Fighting, hunting dogs

Hypoallergenic: No

Coat: The Bully kutta has a short, smooth coat

Head: Bully kutta has a hard mouth as well as Skin around their mouth and neck is loose.

Bully kutta Colours: white, Black, brown, brindle, fawn, white and black, white and brown, etc.

Litter size: 5 to 9 puppies

Space requirements: Need a huge space to keep Bully kutta

Diet of Bully kutta

Diet plays an important role to grow healthy and Strong.

Here I would like to share the Bully kutta Dog diet Chart
·Bully Kutta pups 2 to 5 months old should be fed three meals a day. ·Feed pups 6 months to 1-year-old two meals a day.

Bully kutta puppy price
Bully kutta puppy

· Milk, Curd, rice, and dog dry food is mandatory for puppy

· Decrease the wide variety of foods with age. Top-quality dry canine ingredients blended with canned food, water, or broth are recommended. For a balanced diet, make certain you observe the formula: 40% of meat, 30% of vegetables, and 30% of starch. Organs of meat (like brain, heart, liver, etc.) are what your dog needs. The weight-reduction plan consists of lean meat, eggs, fruits, boiled vegetables, etc., To hold your canine healthy. You can additionally feed wholesome canine meals for your beautiful Sindh Mastiff.

Exercise Needed

Exercise is crucial for their confidence, and it needs to use for a healthful lifestyle. It is available for domestic dog care. There are many fitness advantages as well. When Bully Kutta receives normal exercise, it helps stop Heart disease, sorts of cancer, Stroke, Arthritis, Hip dysplasia, etc. Bully Kutta wants some each day activities to remain in shape, stimulate their brains, and continue to be healthy.

Pakistani Bully
Zaffar Bully kutta in Pakistan

Questions about Pakistani Bully kutta

How much cost of Pakistani bully kutta in India?

Bully kutta puppy price in India ₹10,000 to ₹30,000.

Is Bully kutta banned in the US or UK?

The bully kutta is now not banned in the U.S. It is difficult to get, though. They’re certainly no longer bred over right here and importing them will price a quite penny. It’s now not banned in the U.K., either, which has express legal guidelines about unsafe breeds. While it isn’t banned in India, it isn’t diagnosed via their Kennel Club, either. Bully Kutta is pretty tough to discover in the Western hemisphere. Their recognition in Asia makes them or affordable, as they’re a frequent breed.

Is Bully kutta Dangerous?

It depends on nurturing the environment of dogs. Some people use dogs for fighting and They give a wrong diet and treat them badly so that Dogs become aggressive and dangerous. Though it is all too frequent for this breed of dog to have a horrific recognition due to the fact human records with the breed has been fraught with chance and violence, if you elevate them in surroundings that emphasize kindness over aggression, then bullies will now not exhibit their actual nature till provoked.

Bully kutta
Ruby is one of the best females in India

How many Types of Bully Kutta?

There are five types of Bully kutta Which you can find in different regions

Aseel Bully kutta

Mastiff type Bully kutta

Standard size Bully kutta

Nagi bully kutta

Old type Bully kutta

Name of Bully kutta?

Indian Alangu Mastiff

Bully kutta

Sindh Mastiff

Bully cutha

Pakistani Bully kutta

South Asian Mastiff

Tulla Bully, Desi Bully

Bongay Bully

Pakistani Mastiff

Is Bully Kutta dangerous?

If they are raised to be fighting dogs, Bully Kutta can become extremely dangerous. Though it is all too common for this breed of dog to have a bad reputation because human history with the breed has been fraught with danger and violence, if you raise them in an environment that emphasizes kindness over aggression, then bullies will not show their true nature until provoked.

bully kutta price
Best Bully dog

Is Bully Kutta a splendid household dog?

Bully Kutta is now not viewed as a top pet due to the reality it can be aggressive. Despite these negatives, a bully kutta is one of the smartest pups around! They ought to completely continue to be with youngsters who be aware of how to take care of them, and their teaching will favor proceeding preceding puppyhood.


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